ETH traders are celebrating historically low transaction fees

The cost of the Ethereum network has dropped significantly, which has pleased many ETH traders.

ETH traders are celebrating historically low transaction fees

Long-term problematic and high-cost ETH Gas is at its lowest levels this year, which helps to improve the reputation of the Ethereum network.

As we have informed you several times this year, the disproportionately expensive gas charges have made life difficult for many ETH enthusiasts. Just remember the data from two months ago when the average value of ETH Gas was $ 30 for ERC20 transfer, the Uniswap Swap even climbed to almost $ 100 on average.

However, everything changed from the month of June, when we witnessed a rapid change for the better.


As you can see in the chart at the moment, the Ethereum Average Gas Price is at the level of 23.19 Gwei, which is a decrease of 89% compared to the values from two months ago at 226 Gwei.

For specific transfers, the average price for ERC20 is $ 2.49, the Uniswap Swap is $ 7.67 (at the time of writing).

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