Twitter is considering implementing BTC Lightning Network

Jack Dorsey said it was only a matter of time before Twitter or BlueSky would start using the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Twitter is considering implementing BTC Lightning Network

As you probably know, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey makes no secret of being a long-time fan and supporter of Bitcoin.

Therefore, even on the basis of this fact, he is often exposed to various speculative questions concerning BTC and its integration into one of the most popular social networks Twitter.

It also happened this time when one of the users responded to Jack's post with the words "Stream sats. Build LN into BlueSky or Twitter please and thank you."

Surprisingly, Jack D. was happy to answer what pleased many Bitcoin fans.

It is not yet 100% clear whether BTC LN will use Twitter or it will be a new Bluesky project, a decentralized social network created by Twitter, but one thing is certain that this will cause a massive adaptation of Bitcoin.

note. Twitter currently has 353 million monthly active users.

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