Gigabyte has unveiled the first NVIDIA professional mining card, the CMP 30HX

The first photos of the expected NVIDIA Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) for professional mining have appeared on the Internet.

Gigabyte has unveiled the first NVIDIA professional mining card, the CMP 30HX

Less than a month ago, we informed you that NVIDIA limits the hash rate of GeForce RTX 3060 GPUs because of launching CMP for professional mining.

This announcement has pleased many fans of cryptocurrency mining, which can already today look at the detailed specifications or photos of the CMP 30HX model modified by Gigabyte.

According to the VideoCardz online journal, the Gigabyte CMP 30HX is the lowest SKU in the new CMP series, which is equipped with a TU116-100 GPU graphics processor and a memory size of 6GB / GDDR6. As for the CUDA cores, the number is not  known yet, but it is estimated that it could copy the GTX 1660 SUPER specifications.

The most important parameter, and thus the hash rate, NVIDIA promises at the level of 26 MH / s in Ethereum at 125W TDP.

For those more demanding customers, the specifications of higher-models CMPs, which offer significantly higher performance compared to the CMP 30HX, also have escaped.

If we compare, for example, only the highest model CMP 90HX, it offers more than 3 times higher performance compared to the model presented by us, at the level of 86 MH / s.

NVIDIA Crypto Mining Processors will be available this month, but only the CMP 30HX and CMP 40HX models, the CMP 50HX availability is not  known yet and the CMP 90HX will be available in May this year.

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