The idea that Netflix is ​​investing in Bitcoin has caused tension and may start a second bull run

Currently, there are many hot topics in the world of crypto, but the most impulsive is the statement from a well-known investor that Netflix can soon invest in BTC.

The idea that Netflix is ​​investing in Bitcoin has caused tension and may start a second bull run

Tensions between crypto investors are escalating, especially after US venture capital investor Tim Draper said in a recent interview that Netflix may be another company to add Bitcoin on its balance sheet.

T. Draper started the tension in the unstoppable podcast where he was a guest and commented on the topic of which company will be next after Tesla to invest in Bitcoin.

You know who it might be? Netflix

Tim based his conviction also on the fact that Reed Hastings, as CEO of Netflix, is a very innovative person and in unstoppable podcast added:

I think Reed Hastings is a very innovative guy and has a lot of creative thinking and I think he still controls the reins at Netflix and so I think that might be the next big one to fall.

During the podcast, Draper also commented on giants such as Google, Facebook and Apple, but there he is rather of the opinion that these companies want to create their own digital currency, which will be centralized.

As for T. Draper and his relationship with Bitcoin, according to many sources, he should have bought BTC confiscated from the dark web marketplace Silk Road when it was worth only a few hundred dollars. Subsequently, as its value increased over the years to $ 10K, he became a faithful proponent of the idea that the price would one day reach $ 250K.

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