Shutterstock Founder admitted to own BTC, which he purchased during the Dip

Jon Oringer, founder and executive chairman at Shutterstock Inc., revealed in an interview that he owns Bitcoin but also why he believes in the industry.

Shutterstock Founder admitted to own BTC, which he purchased during the Dip

The founder of Shutterstock, which reported revenue of $ 667 million last year, has publicly admitted for the first time that he owns Bitcoin, which he purchased during this year's Dip.

However, that was not all what Jon Oringer revealed in terms of his opinion on cryptocurrencies or Blockchain. Jon O. first of all said he thinks this is an interesting time for cryptocurrency with the addition that "I think these instruments are here to stay".


In the interview Jon also focused on drawing attention to the fact that when people and businesses understand how to build infrastructure on blockchain technology, it will be really interesting.

Of course, the executive chairman of a global provider of stock photography, footage, music, and editing tools also commented on the NFT, which he described as "Super Interesting" and when asked whether Shutterstock plans to cooperate with the NFTs, he answered clearly yes, we look at them.

As part of the further development of the Blockchain industry, Jon also predicts that other and new decentralized platforms will emerge, for example in the form of social media or other types of marketplaces.

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