Stone Ridge Asset Management establishes its own "Bitcoin Strategy Fund"

The asset manager, which has more than $ 10B at its disposal, wants to continue investing in BTC and is therefore setting up its own Bitcoin fund.

Stone Ridge Asset Management establishes its own "Bitcoin Strategy Fund"

Stone Ridge Asset Management, which according to several sources regularly invests in Bitcoin, decided to take a more serious step, namely to establish its own fund called the "Stone Ridge Bitcoin Strategy Fund."

The billion-dollar asset manager, who according to rumors was supposed to invest $ 1 billion in BTC, has sent an official request to set up its own BTC fund for the SEC these days.

As stated in the official application, the goal of establishing this fund is simple, namely "capital appreciation."

The Stone Ridge Bitcoin Strategy Fund’s (the “Fund”) investment objective is capital appreciation. There can be no assurance that the Fund will achieve its investment objective. “ stated in the SEC prospectus

As for the specification of how the fund will invest in most cases, it will be a strategy focusing on Bitcoin futures contracts but also in pooled investment vehicles that invest directly or indirectly in Bitcoin.

This application was officially filed on July 23, 2021 and can be viewed here.

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