The seller of luxury private helicopters now accepts Bitcoin

Hill Helicopters has decided that it is time to welcome a new category of customers, those who prefer Bitcoin payments.

The seller of luxury private helicopters now accepts Bitcoin

The company, which is presenting itself by producing the world's first truly private helicopter, today announced extremely positive news for Bitcoin fans.

Hill Helicopters points out that interest in Bitcoin payments continues to grow, leading them to decide to allow their clients to pay in BTC and enter into a partnership with another British company, CoinCorner, the country's leading crypto exchange.

Thanks to this partnership, Hill Helicopters customers can now take advantage of the BTC payment option, which brings many benefits to the company and customers, such as global customer reach, lower fees and even fraud prevention.

The CEO adds that the company did not have to wait long for its first sale in Bitcoin, because just these days they have already received the first payment in BTC for their HX50 model.

In what was a first for Hill Helicopters, we have just accepted payment in Bitcoin from a client for the HX50 helicopter, with several more to follow. This was processed through CoinCorner, and represents an exciting new dimension to placing an order for this stunning luxury aircraft, one that will particularly suit private pilot-owners. said Jason Hill, founder and CEO of Hill Helicopters

The enthusiasm is not hidden by CoinCorner, which, according to Ben Collins, business development manager, is enthusiastic mainly because this cooperation helps to expand the adoption of Bitcoin in the aviation sector.

Ben also adds that they are currently seeing an increase in BTC payments for valuable cars as well, as evidenced by sales of their partners Rex Motor Company and SkillanNaylor Car Company, which sold several cars for Bitcoin for an average of £40K.

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