These Countries Lead in Global Crypto Exchange Online Traffic

Data revealed the list of countries with the highest online traffic on crypto exchanges.

These Countries Lead in Global Crypto Exchange Online Traffic

Cryptocurrency markets and exchanges are continuously gaining more users, being a primary way for investors to get involved in the digital assets market, even though the use of crypto exchanges varies due to different regulations implemented.

Due to an enormous amount of different regulations in many different countries, it is worth mentioning the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. Many investors and traders use VPNs to bypass the restrictions on some crypto exchanges that are not available in their country. Unfortunately, the use of VPN causes the data to be incomplete, assigning some users to other countries and regions.

According to Finbold, the global amount of digital assets investors is significant, and 14.33% of them are to be considered US traders and investors, making the US the 1st in the number of crypto investors, followed by South Korean traders with 6.51%, Russia having 4.87%, and Turkey with 3.46%. At last, the Japanese trading community was in the fifth spot with roughly 2.62%.

The number of crypto exchange visits chart. Source: SimilarWeb

In the end, the regulations impact and will continue impacting the rate of visits to different exchanges. Regulations for various countries and regions differ, allowing traders and investors to find loopholes and use them. However, many have already realized that and are working on universal regulations which can be applied on a wider scale.

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