Which Bitcoin Miners Do Not Cut It Anymore?

A cloud-mining-service platform brings fresh news on when it is appropriate to wave your miners goodbye.

Which Bitcoin Miners Do Not Cut It Anymore?

As 2022 might be the most turbulent year in all history of crypto, it is no surprise that things taken for granted last year might not be up-to-date now. Bitdeer, a cryptocurrency cloud mining service platform, has brought an insight into which devices do not cut it for Bitcoin mining anymore.

In one of its recent tweets, the company has compiled a list of shutdown prices for popular mining devices. The decision came after Bitcoin once again went spiraling down, currently sitting at $24,171.98.

From the table, we can clearly see that Antminer S17+/67 is not suitable for mining at the current Bitcoin price, as the cost of electricity for a 24-hour profit is much higher. Next in line after the 67 models are the 73T Antminers, whose fate now hangs on a thread and shall be decided upon Bitcoin’s recovery, or further downfall.

The safest bet when it comes to Bitcoin mining seems to be the Antminer S19 XP, which would still be profitable even if the worst were to happen and the price of BTC plummeted all the way down to less than $12K.

While compiling the data, the company used statistics from a Mining Revenue Comparison platform f2pool. Make sure to check your mining device and see for yourself how profitable you actually are.

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