Paraguay joins El Salvador with the Bitcoin & Paypal project

After the President of El Salvador revealed plans for Bitcon as legal tender in the country, we are witnessing another country that sympathizes with this proposal, and that is Paraguay.

Paraguay joins El Salvador with the Bitcoin & Paypal project

A congressman and the National Deputy of Paraguay, Carlitos Rejala is also a supporter of an innovative way similar to the one chosen by the President of El Salvador, namely the integration of Bitcoin into people's daily lives.

Carlitos R. is convinced that the country must go hand in hand with the new generation, and so comes the project for the innovation of Paraguay, which begins this week.

At the end of the announcement, you can see the hashtags #btc & #paypal, which clearly indicates what the project is likely to be. Rejala also did not forget to add the familiar slogan "to the moon", which he probably wanted to indicate the probability of rising BTC prices.

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